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Lusidor is a company focused on Data, in particular helping companies managing Data in PIM and MDM systems.


Data IN

Lusidor helps your company to:

  • Gather Data from many sources
  • Apply Data Smartness processes
  • Perform Data Onboarding processes
We'll leverage our years of experience with ETL and DI tools to provide a quick turnaround on solving data issues.



Lusidor helps your company to:

  • Govern your Data
  • Enrich your Data
  • Control your Data Workflows
We focus on bringing Data Insights using Dashboards and Reports.


Data OUT

Lusidor helps your company to:

  • Syndicate Data to get your Good Data out
  • Migrate Data to allow for Agile Data
  • Integrate Data to allow for Agile Data
We focus on bringing your Data downstream and how to further capitalize your Data.

So get Data In, get Good Data and get Good Data Out.

For more information read on, or connect and see how Lusidor can help your company.
Lusidor works mostly with companies in EMEA and North America.


Data Gathering

Starting out with a PIM or MDM project revolves a lot around combining your Data into one true source. It doesn't matter if you have your data in one or many ERPs, on the website, in a myriad of Excel sheets and data from suppliers this all needs to come together.

Lusidor helps your IT and Creative departments with Data Gathering to start the Data Smartness process.

With focus on
Smart Data Solutions


Data Smartness

After “Data Gathering”, Data Smartness is applied to the dataset. The Data is analyzed to identify potential duplicates. Data normalization, cleansing and validation rules are implemented. Anything from aligning different supplier codes to transforming different units of measure, are just a few examples.

During the analysis any data that can be used for classification / taxanomy and product groupings gets highlighted and reviewed to identify any automatic enrichment possibilities. Add to this AI integrations using WebServices like Vision by Google or Rekognition by Amazon for assets and Melissa for addresses to get even smarter data.

With focus on
Smart Data Solutions


Data Onboarding

Once the Data is in a consistent and smart state, the onboarding process can be implemented. Depending on your system this can be performed through API calls, file imports or other methods.

We focus on getting the data in to the system in the correct order while being mindful of dependencies and optimizing the process to get the data in as fast as possible.

Enthusiastic about Data


Data Governance

Who gets to view, edit and delete which data is only one consideration. Lusidor helps your team to develop a strategy to track the varying levels of data quality that different product segments require and how to continue monitoring even after these goals have been reached.

Turn Data into Information and
Information into Insights


Data Enrichment

The enrichment of Data is often felt as an onerous task, but with a “Work Smarter Not Harder” approach the iteration of your enrichment cycle is a continuous improvement process.

When enriching data, we leverage what you already have available in your system, such as commonalities in product groups or external sources such as GS1 or supplier data feeds or the likes that can be used to further enrich your information.

Data Workflows

Data Workflow drives your productivity and increases focus and collaboration. This allows for assigning tasks and following progress. Enabling different departments to work on different aspects of the same product, leading to faster time-to-market. Streamlined processes such as New Product Introductions, can enforce mandatory attributes to ensure that all attributes that are required are available for launch.

Workflows help to ensure that your data meets the requirement of today and clears the path to your next digital transformations. A good workflow ensures that the data is on time and consistent.

Data Syndication

Data Syndication comes into play when you need to export data to downstream systems like your website or as a data feed to your customers. Syndicate deltas (changed content) or full exports. Lusidor helps configure your system to export data in different formats, transforming it to fit your needs.

Data Integration

Lusidor can help you break down the walls on your data silos, leveraging the flexible connectivity in powerful ETL tools, data can be read from multiple sources and combined into the real view of your data.

Data Migration

When moving data into a PIM or MDM the quality is often a factor that is overlooked. Lusidor can work side-by-side with you to sample your data and catch the showstoppers or the "spanners" before the project gets delayed due to insufficient data during migration.

Ensure that you are Agile in your data transformations. Regardless if you are just starting out from scratch with a PIM/MDM system or have legacy siloed data structures or just an Excel Nightmare. When you move your data, you need flexibility to adopt new data models to meet your future requirements.


Data Insights

The Data in your PIM or MDM system is often just one piece of the puzzle when you want to get insights into your business. Combining information from your websites such as Google Analytics and your ERP systems allows for viewing the information in a categorized way, leveraging the taxonomies and attributes to drill deeper into the information.

Lusidor helps your Content Team and Business analysts in parsing your Data and transforming information into insights using BI tools. By quickly drafting reports the stakeholders in the business can review and guide the process based on the business needs.

Data Modeling

Lusidor can assist during Data modeling phases. Often when working with PIM & MDM the best data model differs from how you store your data in CRM and ERP systems.

Lusidor has a lot of experience transforming data into a format that can be used for onboarding your data into your PIM/MDM system.

Solution Partner - Agility®

Lusidor is a solution partner for Agility® PIM. Offering integration and customisations services to increase the ROI of the Agility® PIM.

Data Assistance

Are you getting a PIM or an MDM? Even if you have a partner running the installation or the vendor running it, sometimes having a person that can adapt and transform your data working for you directly can greatly expedite the Implementation process.

Often there are unseen hurdles causing showstoppers, like Data not being consistent or a Data migration from a legacy system not being compatible with the new system.

Data Inconsistencies

Poor data quality costs organizations an average of almost 10 million USD per year


Data inconsistencies or low quality is often viewed as a technical flaw. But according to experience, it takes a good team and technical solutions to ensure that the team are focusing their efforts on the Data that yields the best ROI. Lusidor can help you determine what will bring the best ROI and how to highlight those products to your team.

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Lusidor works mostly with companies in EMEA and North America. Reach out to us so that we can discuss how we best can assist you.

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